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By drawing up this Neighbourhood plan we hope to establish a framework for planning and development in our area.

Everyone in the community will be able to have a say in the content of the plan which will cover such things as housing, commercial development, roads, public spaces, health, transport, access and parking. The aim is to develop planning policies which if supported by the local community at a referendum will have legal weight and will be taken into consideration when future planning decisions are made. IT IS IMPORTANT please GET INVOLVED.

What specific action iniative or change would you like to see included in the plan??

A Plan cannot conflict with policies in the wider South Hams Local Plan, or propose less development than is set out in the Local Plan or be in breach of national planning laws.

Questionnaire Survey

The report on the results of the questionnaire by Devon Communities Together can be viewed - HERE

"From the results of the questionnaire we produced two lists. One list of items to be included in the plan and one list of items for the Parish Council to consider taking forward. We have produced a vision statement and are now working on our objectives and the policy intents for the draft plan. To view the two lists please refer to the minutes of 5th July 2017.

In February 2018 we liased with Liz Beth a planning consultant to review our process and obtain help with the production of the draft plan. We obtained a grant from the government to cover the costs of producing the questionnaire last year . We are now in the receipt of another grant to cover the costs of working with the planning consultant.

We have now produced a first draft of the plan. To enable residents to view, comment, and ask questions about the suggested policies we held open sessions on Wednesday 6th March between 6 pm and 8 pm in the Lower Village Hall and Saturday 9th March between 10 am and 12 noon. Both open sessions will be held in the Lower Village Hall Fore Street Kingswear. The open sessions were well attended with just under 80 people coming to see the policy ideas. The response was very ;positive only one query was raised about suitability of a playground at Hillhead

Our Draft Vision can be viewed - HERE

Our Objectives can be viewed - HERE

We hope to have more open sessions to up date residents in the near future".

If you have any questions please email us at:


  • Eileen Parkes Chairman
  • Lucy Payne
  • David Macilrath
  • Richard Whittaker
  • Suzie Stevens
  • Brian Essex


  • Liz Essex
  • Jan Hensall
  • Alison Edwards Facebook Manager
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